Kombucha Brewing Kit

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Brew your own Kombucha at home 

  • INCLUDES GLASS BREW JAR: Start brewing right away! Other kits leave it up to you to find a brewing vessel and cotton cover, why give yourself another errand? Our brewing jar is made of thick lead-free glass and built to last
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: All the ingredients needed to start brewing and the kombucha culture and equipment to keep you going. Includes Kombucha SCOBY & Liquid Starter Tea. Cane Sugar, and our custom Tea Blend made of loose leaf tea
  • ROCK YOUR FIRST BREW: Our clear and concise directions take all the guesswork out of it. Our temperature gauge will help keep your brew on track. Feel lost at any point? Our customer support team is here to answer your questions along the way
  • GUARANTEED TO GROW: All of our cultures are grown in Kombucha that ferments for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure the highest spectrum of beneficial acids and bacteria are present
  • GREAT GIFT: This complete and beautiful kit is sure to be the perfect gift for any kombucha fan in your life!


Create your own flavor

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed the product. Second scoby formed with ease in 7 days. Bottled up my first batch for second fermentation and brewing my second batch already.

Worth it!

The kit contains all that you need to start brewing your kombucha. The kit comes with a booklet with all details and step by step approach which is really helpful. The most I liked is that we could approach them with amateur doubts over WhatsApp and get the guidance.

Sanjay Marwah
Handholding in brewing Kombucha

I've just brewed my first batch of Kombucha and it was a breeze thanks to Gut Baskets kombucha kit. Everything you require is in the kit. It comes with a booklet for brewing and flavouring kombucha. Gut Basket reached out to me and guided me thru the process. Super service with a super product!

Ashok S Nair
Excellent Kombucha Starter Kit..

The packaging was amazing and the kit was of top quality. I made a healthy first batch using the ingredients provided and now the second batch is underway (pic)

Highly recommended. They promptly followed up to check on the progress and the experience.

Value for money indeed!

One of my best purchases. I brewed my first batch of kombucha this week and it's amazing. The instructions guide is very simple to understand and follow. The quality of all contents in the box are upto the mark. More than happy to recommend this to anyone interested in brewing kombucha at home.