Microgreens Kit

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Microgreens Kit 

  • 🥬 ALL IN ONE KIT - Includes our unique Grow Mat, 3 packs of Seeds, and a 50 ml water sprayer. You'll be growing in our attractive 8" x 6" (BPA FREE) multi-use Acrylic Planting Tray. Skip the ugly, bulky trays and grow in style! 
  • 🥬 STRIKING AND NUTRITIOUS- Microgreens look beautiful on a dish as a gourmet garnish, and while they're growing in the slick-looking planter tray. Looking to pump up your greens intake? Microgreens are up to 40 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts!
  • 🥬 SO EASY - Ready-to-use Grow Mat and Seed packs make growing Microgreens a snap! Just hydrate the mat, spread it on the tray, and sprinkle the seeds. In less than 10 days you've got fully grown greens!
  • 🥬 ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - Grow nutritious mini veggies year-round near a window or on a countertop with our Microgreens kit. No need for direct sunlight.
  • 🥬 REFILLS - Most people get hooked on these tiny little powerhouse sprouts. When you do, we got you covered, with pre-measured and easy-to-grow refills. They're a convenient and cost-effective option for a healthy lifestyle.

Grow Microgreens at Home

Customer Reviews

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Salad lovers dream

For a salad lover like me, it is a dream come true to grow my own fresh harvest and toss in salads and Buddha bowl. I was first skeptical to buy since I thought it will require a lot of care and I might ruin it. But it is so easy. Does not even require water again and again.. Just put seeds, water and let it grow.

No fuss, clean harvest

The kit is clean and does not create any mess. It does not need soil and uses only water. It is very easy to use with 3-4 simple steps explained in the guide book. I used it to grow radish pink and coriander till now. Both harvest was very good.

Fresh harvest

This kit makes it so simple to grow your fresh microgreens. I like my veggies fresh. I like the idea of harvesting just before we eat and tossing it in salad all fresh and green.