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Mead Making Recipe

Mead is a fermented honey and water mixture, some call it honey wine, and it is quite possibly the first fermented drink that humans purposefully made. Luckily for us, it’s quite easy to make your own mead! 

Ingredients for making 2 L mead

  • 500 g raw honey

  • 2 L water 

  • 2.5 g/ 1 tsp mead yeast 

  • 1 tbsp sanitiser and additional 2 L water for sanitisation 

  • 2 L fermentation Jar and airlock


  • Wash all equipment to be used with hot water. 

  • Add 1 tbsp sanitiser in the fermenter and fill it completely with water. Keep aside for 15 min. Swirl and discard the water. 

  • Add half the honey in the fermenter, add 1 L water, shake and mix. 

  • Add remaining honey, add remaining water- Ensuring the jar is only 3/4th full and shake to dissolve. 

  • Add the yeast, close the lid and shake the jar for 1 min. 

  • Place the airlock and keep aside for fermenting for 1 week. 

  • Once every 2 days, just swirl the jar few times, to get rid of excess gases trapped in. (Optional step) 

  • After 6 days, wash a small jug and a funnel with boiling water.

  • Transfer the mead very slowly into the jug avoiding the white/ grey sediments at the bottom. 

  • Wash the fermentation jar with drinking water, just enough to remove the deposited yeast. 

  • Pour the mead again in the fermentation jar and close, place airlock and keep aside for another 1 week. 

  • After a week, transfer the ready mead slowly into carbonation bottles avoiding the yeast at the bottom and keep for another 1 week. 

  • After a week, taste and if you find it dry, add 1-2 tbsp honey, mix and transfer to fridge. 

  • Enjoy chilled
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