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Bubbly fermented Lemonade


100 ml Ginger bug (filtered)
30 gm chopped ginger with skin
600ml lemonade concentrate


Fermentation Jar with airlock


To make Ginger Bug 

  • Dissolve 10g sugar in a glass of water & add 10 gm ginger. Seal tight & leave for 1 day
  • After a day, dissolve 10 g sugar & add 10 gm ginger. Seal & leave for 1 day
  • Repeat the process for 3-5 days till you see bubbles forming. 
  • Strain and use 

To make fermented lemonade (First fermentation)

  • Sanitiser the fermentation jar
  • Add 100 g ginger bug, 30 g chopped ginger with skin and 600 ml lemonade concentrate. 
  • Place the airlock and ferment for 3 days 

To flavour and carbonate it (Second fermentation) 

  • Once the fermented lemonade is ready, transfer in airtight bottles and add fruits/ herbs of your choice ( Hibiscus petals/ mint/ blueberries, etc)
  • Keep at room temperature for 1 day and transfer to fridge and consume chilled! 

This recipe is shared by Lt Col Abhijeet from Bhopal . 





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