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Stainless steel weight

Stainless steel weight

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Stainless steel weights are essential tools for fermenting vegetables. They keep your veggies submerged under the brine to prevent mold and spoilage. The high-quality stainless steel weight is rust-free and does not affect the fermenting vegetables. The hole in the center ensures easy holding and placing. Its diameter is 90 mm.


Stainless Steel Weight

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You might be Wondering

What is the size of the weights?

It is 90 mm- Fits perfectly in regular Mason Jars

List another frequently asked questionWhat is better for fermentation- stainless steel weights or glass weights?

Both work equally well for ensuring veggies are submerged in brine.

List another frequently asked questionWill this rust/ react

No, these are 100% stainless steel material which is free from rust or any chemical reaction.

  • R.U

    Fermentation is an exciting way of preparing food stuff...Why not it is full of life, isnt it. However, using regular bottles was a tension filled job...which removes the excitement out of excersize. Thanks to Gut Basket...for the handy fermentation kit...its now a child's play to prepare healthy probiotic vegetables. Thanks for the thoughtful gifts...sea salt and receipe book....Enjoying your product indeed...

  • Alana

    Arrived packed extremely well and customer service was incredibly attentive and called to make sure everything arrived in-tact. So far its making perfect fermented veggies and saurkraut! So much easier to use than homemade jars and weights! Makes the whole process so much easier. They also have free web seminars on how to ferment and care for gut health. Such a wonderful find! Fully recommend.

  • Maya Mahant

    Awesome Affordable, well thought of kit. Came well packed and in time. Customer service, fantastic. Go ahead and buy, you won't regret it. Both my vegetable fermenter and wine fermenter are happily 'bubbling' away.

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