About us

The year 2020 was a reality check for us. It was far beyond what any of us could have ever dreamt of. This smaller than we can ever imagine virus, locked us in our houses. The importance of health was more than ever. While the scientists were performing research to beat this virus, I started my journey on a slightly simpler research, the best I could do while locked in my house. I started to find answers for- What exactly leads to a healthy body? And what can I do to keep my family and myself safe from any kind of illness or ailment? 

What is the definition of healthy living? Is it working out regularly, Is it drinking green tea or ginger tea in the morning, Is it eating organic foods, Is it avoiding sugar and carbs ? Everyone has their own definition and I wanted to find a thread that connects all of them. After months of reading umpteen number of books and scientific research papers, I found that the answer lies in our gut. Once I started reading more and more about Gut health, I was overwhelmed to know how crucial the gut microbes are but also saddened to know that there is hardly any awareness about it. 

70% of the immunity lies in the gut. If we follow a diet that takes care of the gut, the body will stay healthy and the mind happy. How does it affect the mind you may ask. The gut is connected to the brain via the Gut-brain axis. Research proves that gut microbes can be linked to mood, anxiety and depression. So it is not just our physical well being, but also our mental well being that is determined by Gut microbes. 

With all these wonderful learnings, I felt like I finally had a purpose in life- To raise awareness about something so important and so ignored. I started writing blogs on how gut health affects us. I also started making probiotics out of my kitchen and sending them to friends and family. The response was overwhelming. They loved the products. And that is when I got the confidence to scale it up. I now have a dedicated space to manufacture the products and a team of 5 people who work with the manufacturing, logistics and content. We follow strict hygiene protocols for our products and had them tested from microbiological labs for their efficacy. Most of our products are freshly prepared after you place the order. We are currently shipping across India within 4-6 working days. We slowly plan to launch more products and invest more on content to make it easy for everyone to understand gut health. The response has been great till now. It’s just the beginning, we dream of a day where we can make gut health the priority for everyone.