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Fermented Vegetable Kit with glass weights

Fermented Vegetable Kit with glass weights

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Unlock a world of flavor and health benefits by making your own fermented vegetables with our easy-to-use DIY Fermented Vegetable Kit. You can enjoy the rich taste and nutritional benefits of fermented veggies in the comfort of your own home.
  • Start fermentation: The complete lacto fermentation starter Kit- Make pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut or even small batches of wine and beer at home.
  • Safe Material: Made from lead-free, clear & thick glass, the glass jar is safe to use. All equipment are of premium quality
  • Great Value: The set includes 2 glass fermentation jars, 2 glass weights, 2 airlocks, 2 silicon grommet lids, extra lids for storage, Sea salt 100 gm, fermentation guide and bonus recipe book- you just need this set to start your health journey.
  • Large Mouth: The fermentation jar with wide mouth & neck, you can easily get your hands inside to arrange vegetables.
  • Give your family the probiotic boost: Lacto fermented vegetables are the best and most natural way to consume probiotics and improve gut health.


Fermented Vegetable Kit with glass weights

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You might be Wondering

What does the airlock lid do?

During fermentation, gases are constantly produced which need an outlet. The airlock lid ensures the gases keep releasing at the same time an airtight atmosphere is maintained which is required for successful fermentation.

List another frequently asked questionWhat does the fermentation weight do?

For vegetable fermentation, it is very important the vegetables are submerged in brine to avoid any mold. The weight ensures that.

List another frequently asked questionWhat is a vegetable fermentation kit?

It’s a kit that helps you ferment vegetables without and hassle or without any contamination.

  • M F

    Excellent jars for fermentation. It airlocks perfectly, allowing fermentation to happen. Very good customer service as well. Would definitely recommend.

  • Alana

    Arrived packed extremely well and customer service was incredibly attentive and called to make sure everything arrived in-tact. So far its making perfect fermented veggies and saurkraut! So much easier to use than homemade jars and weights! Makes the whole process so much easier. They also have free web seminars on how to ferment and care for gut health. Such a wonderful find! Fully recommend.

  • Maya Mahant

    Affordable, well thought of kit. Came well packed and in time. Customer service, fantastic. Go ahead and buy, you won't regret it. Both my vegetable fermenter and wine fermenter are happily 'bubbling' away.

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