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Coconut Kefir Grains

Coconut Kefir Grains

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For all the coconut lovers out there, we have good news: you can now turn coconut water into a probiotic drink! Enjoy the health benefits of coconut water and kefir by using these coconut kefir grains.

Quantity: 15-20 gm grains make upto 300 ml milk kefir in one batch.

Lasts a lifetime : You only need to invest in grains once, and with proper feeding, they can last for years.

Guide for beginners: Detailed instructions book and FAQ guide included with the kit. 

Mesh Strainer: Complimentary nylon mesh strainer included to separate the grains from coconut water

Unlimited customer support : If you feel confused or unsure about anything, don't worry! Our team of customer support professionals is available to provide answers and guidance throughout the process.


1. Kefir Grains
2. Instructions booklet
3. Mesh Strainer

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Customer Reviews

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Family loves it

Beautifully sour, sweetly pinching the palate

Rita Bhatt
Coconut lover

I love coconut water and anyway drink it everyday. This is a great way to transform coconut water into probiotic


I followed the instructions and the result was perfect. The Gutbasket team was a big help walking me through my numerous questions. Mighty impressed!

You might be Wondering

How to store Kefir grains if I am traveling?

Store the grains in fresh coconut water within the fridge normal cooler. Air tight lid. Upto 15-20 days. Later change coconut water if necessary

How long will Kefir water last in the fridge?

15 days stored in fridge.

When to drink coconut water Kefir and how much?

Evenings or along with meal. Start with 50ml and increase gradually after a week.