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This 3 piece airlock from GutBasket is an essential tool for homebrewing and winemaking, allowing gases to escape during fermentation while preventing oxygen from entering the bottle or jar. Its durable and high-quality design ensures reliable performance.



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You might be Wondering

How does airlock help?

Airlock is must for fermentation. It ensures gases produce inside escape and outside air does not enter

List another frequently asked questionThis is a 3 piece airlock or S type?

This is 3 piece airlock. We don't sell S-Type airlock due to the risk of spillage from them.

List another frequently asked questionCan we get bulk discount for multiple airlocks?

Yes, kindly write to us on and we will get back to you.

  • Zac

    I bought wine kit about 6 weeks ago and made a batch of rice wine. The product is well designed and provides an excellent airlock to ensure that the fermentation process is completed very well. The rice wine that was made in the system took 4 weeks and the final result was excellent. Now to make another batch of another formula

  • Arunkumar

    It works great for home brewing. Good support received from gutbasket team. One input is, we can pass on the how to use video for air tight module. Since I was trying for the first time, needed an assistance.

  • Nesamani

    Received in good condition with good package. But this is not air tight as mentioned. However seller immediately understood my concern and replaced. Thanks

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