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Fermentation Jar - Wide Mouth (1 Litre)

Fermentation Jar - Wide Mouth (1 Litre)

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Start fermentation - Versatile glass jar for all your fermentation needs. Includes grommet lid, airlock, and storage lid for easy use and storage.

Airtight & leakproof plastic lid - The plastic lid has an EPE ring seal that ensures it is both airtight and leak proof. Additionally, unlike metal lids, it is not prone to rusting or corrosion.

Toxin free - The food-grade glass jar is airtight and certified safe for storage and fermentation of all types of food and liquids.

Heat resistant - You can use this jar to brew Kombucha or any other hot liquid by pouring boiling water directly into it, without having to wait for the water to cool down, because it is heat-resistant.

Ferment with peace of mind -You can effortlessly prepare various scrumptious fermented foods that are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotic cultures.


Glass Jar 1 L
Grommet lid
Storage lid

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You might be Wondering

What all is included in the kit?

Fermentation Jar, Storage lid, Grommet lid, Airlock

List another frequently asked questionCan these jars be used for fermenting vegetables?

Yes, but you will additionally need fermentation weights. Currently we have fermentation weights only for 1 kg jars

List another frequently asked questionCan the jars withstand hot water?

Yes, you can wash with hot boiling water to sanitise

  • Rohit

    This is very good kit for beginners who want to start small with their fermentation experiments. I ordered set of 2 jars- tried making wine in one and kimchi in another. Both are fermenting. Cant wait to experiment more.

  • Aashita

    Good kit to start your fermentation journey . Seller is very helpful.

  • Bharat

    I recently learned about fermentation. This is one of the few companies in India providing affordable products for fermentation. Very happy with the purchase

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