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Triple Scale Hydrometer

Triple Scale Hydrometer

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A hydrometer accurately measures the alcohol level of your homebrewed beer or wine. This is perfect for achieving the desired ABV (alcohol by volume) in your fermented beverages. With the help of hydrometer reading, you can modify the sugar, yeast, time and other factors to ensure you get the right ABV. 


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Daljit Singh
Be accurate

I used to make wine by following online recipes but was not able to achieve required alcohol percent. I later found out that the fruit and sugar varies from place to place and to make exact wine, you should use hydrometer. After using hydrometer, i know how much sugar to use and what changes to make to get the desired alcohol level . Very happy with the purchase

Srishti Singh
Must of you want to make good wine

Wine making is not child's play. If you are doing it, then you might as well do it right. This instrument helps you adjust the wine ingredients so that you get the perfect alcohol level. Must if you want to make great wine. If you want to make average wine and save money, you can ignore it

High quality

I earlier bought a cheap one from Amazon but it was not accurate and had errors. GUTbasket hydrometer is very accurate.

You might be Wondering

Is this made of glass?

Yes the hydrometer is made of glass. It is carefully packed and sent to you.

Is guide shared on how to use a hydrometer?

Yes and a video too.

Is hydrometer must for wine making?

Hydrometer is a tool to measure the alcohol level of wine. If you want to be precise and technical about your home made wine, you can buy a hydrometer.