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Milk Kefir Grains- Premium

Milk Kefir Grains- Premium

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The premium milk kefir grains are special grains fed carefully in A2 milk. These grains are larger in size and produce creamier tasting Kefir. 

Quantity: With just 15-20 gm grains, you can create up to 500 ml of milk kefir in a single batch.

Lasts a lifetime : By taking proper care, the grains may endure for years, requiring only one investment.

Guide for beginners: Detailed instructions book and FAQ guide included with the kit. 

Mesh Strainer: Complimentary nylon mesh strainer included to separate the grains from milk 

Unlimited customer support : If you feel confused or unsure about anything, don't worry! Our team of customer support professionals is available to provide answers and guidance throughout the process.


1. Kefir Grains
2. Instructions booklet
3. Mesh Strainer

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You might be Wondering

I am a beginner, will guidance be provided for Kefir making?

Yes absolutely! You will receive a detailed guide booklet along with the grains. If you have further questions, our customer care team will be happy to help.

List another frequently asked questionHow does Milk kefir taste?

It tastes like earthy, sour, thick curd. Once flavoured, it can be said to be closer to Lassi.

List another frequently asked questionIs milk Kefir good for kids?

Milk Kefir is great for kids! Once ready, you can also flavour it with different fruits- strawberry, mango blueberry, orange etc to make a delicious probiotic drink.

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