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Milk Kefir Grains- Standard

Milk Kefir Grains- Standard

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Our kefir is a nutrient-packed drink that offers a host of health benefits. With more probiotics than yogurt, it's great for digestive health. Plus, it's a rich source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, and calcium, all of which support overall well-being. Try it today and give your body the nutrition it deserves.

Quantity: 15-20 gm grains make upto 500 ml milk kefir in one batch.

Lasts a lifetime : You only need to invest in grains once, and with proper feeding, they can last for years.

Guide for beginners: Detailed instructions book and FAQ guide included with the kit. 

Mesh Strainer: Complimentary nylon mesh strainer included to separate the grains from milk 

Unlimited Customer Support : If you feel confused or unsure about anything, don't worry! Our team of customer support professionals is available to provide answers and guidance throughout the process.


1. Kefir Grains
2. Instructions booklet
3. Mesh Strainer

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Customer Reviews

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Great customer service

I reached out to them for beginner's doubts and they were very helpful

Jacob Kurian

Good probiotic drink

Easy to understand guide

Very easy to understand guide. Taking care of gut health is important

You might be Wondering

I have received the Kefir grains, should I use them immediately or can I keep them in the fridge for a few days before using?

Best to start immediately or store the package for a week in the fridge and use it.

How to store Kefir grains if I am traveling?

Store the grains in fresh milk within the fridge normal cooler. Air tight lid. Upto 15-20 days.Later change milk if necessary.

I am a beginner, will guidance be provided for Kefir making

Yes absolutely! You will receive a details guide booklet. If you have further questions, our customer care team will be happy to help.