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pH strip

pH strip

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GUTBasket pH Strips are an essential tool for monitoring the pH level of your fermented foods and beverages. With a range of 0 to 14, they provide accurate and reliable results for optimal fermentation. Each pH strip pack includes 10 individual strips. 


Ph strip

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You might be Wondering

What is the use of pH strip?

It measures the acidity of the kombucha to check if it is brewing right

List another frequently asked questionHow many pH strips are included?

1 pack with 10 strips

List another frequently asked questionWhat is the ideal pH of Kombucha?

Between 2.5- 4

  • Santoshi

    Super easy to make. Very good quality scoby and straightforward instructions. Mixed my batch with mixed fruits, mint and ginger juice. Absolutely delicious!

  • Shyam

    I bought complete kit from gut basket, packing is good, product is also good, i had more doubts in brewing, i messaged to the whatsapp number that come along with the kit they are very friendly and answered to my all the questions and doubts, thanks to gut basket cheers !

  • Ranjit C.

    It has been an awesome experience. They WhatsApp you proactively to check the health of scoby. I have been brewing kombucha for last 3 months and kombucha has become a healthy alternative to soda (coke/pepsi etc.).

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