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Airtight glass bottles (Pack of 4)

Airtight glass bottles (Pack of 4)

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GutBasket’s airtight glass bottles are the perfect choice for second fermentation which includes flavouring and carbonating ready fermented beverage. The bottles are 100% airtight and provide excellent fizz - just what you need for you Kombucha, Kefir or Beer! 

  • Made from high-quality, lead-free glass for durability and safety
  • 100 % airtight seal prevents oxidation and maintains the carbonation in your drinks
  • Perfect for storing and preserving homemade Kombucha, kefir, and other fermented beverages
  • Comes in a set of four bottles with a capacity of 16 oz ( 1 Liter ) each, providing ample storage space for your drinks


Airtight bottles 1 L X 4

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  • Satish

    Best Kombucha Kit
    Very easy to brew. It came with everything needed for first and second fermentation. Avoids the hassle of sourcing all ingredients individually. Kudos to GUTbasket!

  • Abhisheak Nagar

    I have been reading about kambucha for quite some time and was always hasitant to try. Thank god I tired the kambucha kit by Gut Basket as process and portion provided were exact and simple. I specially liked the second fermentation handbook, it's like I am making my own cold drink and cocktail mixer. I am hooked to this now and i can call myself a home brewe

  • Santoshi

    Super easy to make. Very good quality scoby and straightforward instructions. Mixed my batch with mixed fruits, mint and ginger juice. Absolutely delicious

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