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HDPE Plastic Carboy (8 Litre)

HDPE Plastic Carboy (8 Litre)

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This high-quality HDPE carboy is an impermeable container that protects beer, wine, cider, mead and other beverages from contaminants. This material is safe for fermentation. 

  • 8 L / 2 -gallon capacity
  • Airlock and Rubber cork for optimal fermentation
  • Plastic lid for storage once ready
  • Sturdy handle for easy transport and handling
  • No risk of breakage


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
T Gomathi
Ok ok product

It's plastic. I think food grade. Cleaning is tough

Pras KarBhowmik
Good option for a demijohn

Affordable. If it's BPA free , it should solve the problem of leaching during maceration and fermetion.
The small pull may be too weak to work as a handle for a filled Jat.
Also, the mouth should be a tad wider to scoop up anything that may remain stuck within the jar.
Overall a great product. Looking forward to the first filtration of an orange batch just brewed

Aravinda Kumar
Airlock issue

The airlock is not fitting properly in the silicon lid. I had to use different airlock.

You might be Wondering

Is HDPE Plastic safe?

Yes, HDPE plastic is a safe plastic for fermentation and does not leach into the ferments

What is jar capacity?

8 L

Is it good for first fermentation?

Due to it’s small mouth, you can use for first fermentation of liquids only. It can be used for second fermentation also.