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Kombucha Brewing Kit- Premium

Kombucha Brewing Kit- Premium

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Brew delicious and healthy Kombucha at home with ease. It includes all the essentials and simple instructions for a fun and stress-free experience.

All Included : Included in this kit are all of the necessary items required to create Kombucha at home, as well as the means to add flavor to create delicious variations.

Monitoring Devices : pH strip helps measure the acidity level of the kombucha and temperature strip ensures Kombucha is brewing at the right temperature.

Airtight Bottles : Our airtight bottles are the perfect solution for adding flavor and fizz to your homemade Kombucha. 

Glass Brew Jar : You can begin brewing immediately! Our brewing jar is composed of sturdy, lead-free glass that is built to endure.

Unlimited Customer Support : If you feel confused or unsure about anything, don't worry! Our team of customer support professionals is available to assist you.


1. Glass jar 4.5 L with lid
2. SCOBY and starter tea
3. Cane Sugar pack
4. Tea pack
5. Cotton cloth cover
6. Kombucha making Instructions and booklet
7. Airtight bottles 1 L X 2
8. Temperature strip
9. pH Strip

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You might be Wondering

How many days it takes for Kombucha to be ready?

It takes 7 days for Kombucha to be ready( First fermentation) and another 2 days for flavouring (second fermentation)

List another frequently asked questionAre the bottles airtight?

Bottles are 100% airtight and provide excellent carbonation

List another frequently asked questionHow many batches of Kombucha can I make with this?

This kit will last you for forever and you can make 4 liters of Kombucha in a single batch. The SCOBY and starter tea can be reused to make more batches of Kombucha. The jars and other equipment are durable and stay for years.

  • Mitali C.

    The kit is very well put together, with a good quality scoby. And they are quick to respond to any questions on the WhatsApp helpline.

  • Abhisheak Nagar

    I have been reading about kambucha for quite some time and was always hasitant to try. Thank god I tired the kambucha kit by Gut Basket as process and portion provided were exact and simple. I specially liked the second fermentation handbook, it's like I am making my own cold drink and cocktail mixer. I am hooked to this now and i can call myself a home brewer

  • Shyam

    I bought complete kit from gut basket, packing is good, product is also good, i had more doubts in brewing, i messaged to the whatsapp number that come along with the kit they are very friendly and answered to my all the questions and doubts, thanks to gut basket cheers !!

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