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Kombucha Tea And Sugar Combo

Kombucha Tea And Sugar Combo

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Make 4 Liter Kombucha or 12 bottles with this Tea Sugar refill pack!

Tea is key to brewing a delicious Kombucha. Our organic Assam tea ensures you brew a successful batch of Kombucha everytime!

Organic cane sugar is an ideal choice for Kombucha brewing, as it is manufactured in a manner that preserves the natural molasses and nutrients necessary for a robust SCOBY. 


40 gm Kombucha Tea
200 gm Kombucha Sugar "

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You might be Wondering

What sugar should be used for making Kombucha?

Organic, sulfurless white or brown sugar.

List another frequently asked questionCan I use honey/ jaggery/ stevia?

Honey or jaggery do not give best results for Kombucha fermentation. Alternate sugars like Stevia don't work.

List another frequently asked questionWhich tea to be used for brewing Kombucha?

Unflavoured black or green tea dust or leaves can be used.

  • Abhisheak Nagar

    I have been reading about kambucha for quite some time and was always hasitant to try. Thank god I tired the kambucha kit by Gut Basket as process and portion provided were exact and simple. I specially liked the second fermentation handbook, it's like I am making my own cold drink and cocktail mixer. I am hooked to this now and i can call myself a home brewer

  • Geeta Jetly

    For a long time I wanted to prepare Kombucha, but it seemed difficult to arrange things. But Gut Basket provided me all the required things at one place. Also there was a receipe book. Till now I have made three batches of Kombucha and at every step, whenever I needed, online support was provided. Their after sales support is awesome. Every query is answered in a very good way. Keep it up guys. 👍👍😀

  • Rajnigandha

    One of my best purchases on Amazon. I brewed my first batch of kombucha this week and it's amazing. The instructions guide is very simple to understand and follow. The quality of all contents in the box are upto the mark. More than happy to recommend this to anyone interested in brewing kombucha at home.

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