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Wine Recipe for beginners- Make wine in easy steps with canned juice

Recipe for making 1 Liter wine 


Canned fruit juice- 1 L (Real/Tropicana brand- Grape, Cranberry, Mixed Fruit)

Wine yeast - 1 tsp

Sanitiser- 1 tsp 

Sugar- 50 g 

Equipment - 1 L fermentation jar, lid, airlock. 



1. Add 1 tsp sanitiser and fill the bottle with drinking water.

2. Close the lid, shake the bottle and let it rest for 10 min.

3. In the meanwhile take around 1 L of any fruit juice in a vessel and dissolve 50 gm sugar ( ensure the vessel and spoon are washed with hot water first).

 4. After 10 min, discard the water in the bottle and fill it with the juice leaving 2 inch space on top.

5. Add 1 tsp yeast, close and shake the bottle.

6. Open the lid, clean the bottle mouth with paper napkins to dry it completely and close the lid.

7. Open the cap of airlock and fill it half with water. Close back the cap and insert the airlock in the lid. - The airlock ensures gases produced easily escape and outside air does not enter inside and disturb.

8. Keep the bottle for 15 days at a clean ventilated spot ( over the fridge, or kitchen counter). Don't put in cupboard or near sunlight.

9. After 15 days remove airlock & lid, put the storage lid and transfer bottle to fridge.

10. After another 2 days, the wine is ready.

11. You will see yeast settled at the bottom. That's yeast spent during wine making. It's harmless and can be filtered out. Or you can slowly pour wine into glasses so that yeast remains in the bottle bottom only.

12. The wine can be kept in the fridge and consumed upto 2 months.



1. For larger batches, increase juice and sugar ratios proportionally. Example, to make 4 L wine, use 4 L canned juice and 200 g sugar

2. For upto 4 L of wine, use 1 tsp yeast. For larger batches, add another 1 tsp per 4 L of wine. 

3. Ensure the brewing jar is atleast 3/4th full. If you make 1 L wine in a 4 L jar, it will lead to oxidation and change of flavour. 4 L jar should have atleast 3 L of wine brewing. 

4. If you find the wine dry/ less sweet- Feel free to add sugar as per taste and store. 

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